Professional consecutive interpretation

We offer professional consecutive interpretation with several years of experience!

What is consecutive interpretation?

Consecutive interpretation takes place as tandem interpretation. It is based on the pausing between the speaker and the interpreter as well as note-taking. It is especially suitable for situations between two people or less formal interpretation events or meetings.

When to use consecutive interpretation?

Language School Nuevo Mundo’s experienced and professional interpreters guarantee effortless consecutive interpretation, for example, during exhibitions, courses, business meetings and visitations.
Our reliable interpreters make communication easy and fast.

The benefits of our simultaneous interpreting services

  • Our expert interpreters are also specialists in simultaneous interpretation. Simultaneous interpreting is especially suitable for events with several participants and languages.

  • The interpretation process becomes simple and effective with the help of our qualified and experienced interpreters. Simultaneous interpreting consists of interpretation of speech simultaneously with the speaker. The sound-proofed interpretation booths create excellent surroundings for working in different languages.
  • Our professional interpreters express the message accurately to the participants via headphones.

Miksi valita simultaanitulkkaus?

Simultaneous interpretation is an extremely effective form of interpretation that enables concentrating only on the essentials.

Language School Nuevo Mundo’s professional interpreters offer simultaneous high-quality interpreting with several years of experience.