Fast, high-quality phone interpretation from us!

Language School Nuevo Mundo also offers high-quality phone interpretation easily. Phone interpretation is used, for example, when there is an urgent interpretation need, the interpreter is not required to be on-site and the length of the interpretation is not long.

It is especially popular and effective form of interpretation, for example, when dealing with official authorities.
Phone interpretation is also an economical and environmentally friendly way of communicating.
Phone interpretation is so called consecutive interpretation in which the interpreter interprets the message clearly and accurately to the third party. A professional and experienced interpreter interprets in a quiet space without other noisy interruptions.

Benefits of phone interpretation

  • Phone interpreting has several excellent benefits:
    •It is fast and easy, particularly when there is an urgent interpretation need
    •No environmental impacts due to traveling
    •No extra traveling costs
    •Rare languages are easily available
    •Interpretation can take place from a different place or city


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