Use our qualified interpreters to communicate a short message easily!

Our expert interpreters use this type of interpretation method when a client needs to receive a short message quickly and easily. In this case, the interpreter delivers the message via telephone in the client’s own language.

Advantages and benefits of this type of interpretation

Our trained interpreters always follow a strict code of professional and customer confidentiality and fulfil the high, professional quality criteria set by us. All our interpreters also have excellent communication skills. This type of interpretation is ideal for communicating simple messages, such as short messages or appointment times. The straightforward message communicated by the interpreter can’t include questions as the interpreter delivers the message to the client extremely accurately word for word. Our professional and experienced interpreters make sure that the key points of the communicated message are clear, concise and easily understood.


For this type of interpretation (delivering short and concise messages), we charge the same amount as for ½ hour telephone interpretation.
A professional and qualified interpreter will try to reach the client via telephone a maximum of six times within one day.

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