Booking and Cancellation Policies

Cancelling an interpretation session

The interpretation services will be charged from the client that booked the interpretation according to the booked time when:

The interpretation was not cancelled through Language School Nuevo Mundo
The interpretation services are cancelled the same day as the interpretation is to take place
Interpretation services are cancelled on-site
The interpreter considers themselves to be challenged concerning interpreting a person or persons because the official authority has given inadequate information during booking (for example, the name of the client being interpreted has not been stated)
The client or the official authority does not arrive to the interpretation location, the interpreter awaits c. 30 minutes, after which the interpreter agrees on leaving the location with the official authority. Upon request of the official authority, the interpreter awaits the whole booking time.

Travel expenses

The amount of travel expenses that occur due to cancellation will be charged in full, if the interpretation takes place somewhere else other than in our client’s business premises.

Other cancellations

In case our company’s interpreter is not able to take care of the interpretation due to unclear details of the booking or an illness, the details of the assignment will be agreed with the client who made the booking.
In these cases, another interpreter or a new interpretation session can be booked or telephone interpretation can be used.