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Do you require fast and effortless testing of your language proficiency but you do not know how to establish or evaluate your current skills?

We offer companies and individuals reliable language testing effortlessly. Businesses use our services, for example, when they want to establish the current language proficiency of their staff and management accurately and efficiently. Professional language testing is also used, for example, in recruitment processes.
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Our inspiring and trained staff has professionally done language testing already for several years. Our testing environment is relaxing and the services that we offer are effortless. During the years, we have received a lot of positive feedback on our systematic and dynamic approach. The testing process gives a comprehensive overview of the participant’s language skills as the testing also includes an oral interview.
what is the evaluation based on?ç

The evaluation of language proficiency is based on a comprehensive grading system that has 6 different levels, and it is equal with the proficiency scale developed by the European Council. We are specialists in language testing, as we have used the grading system in question already from the year 2002. The process is painless and effective as it can easily be used to establish whether one’s language skills are sufficient or whether they need improvement.
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Systematic and reliable assessment of language proficiency

Realistic and specific evaluation of language skills is very important and the test results can be utilized effectively. The official grading results may be needed, for example, in future job applications and interviews.
Established assessments of language proficiency also make the job hunting process easier as an individual does not need to try to evaluate their own skills because the evaluation is done in a highly systematic and organized manner by our language school.

The evaluation of language proficiency is based on a comprehensive grading system that has 6 different levels, and it is equal with the proficiency scale developed by the European Council. We are specialists in language testing, as we have used the grading system in question already from the year 2002.

Our qualified and trained staff reviews the test results and applies them to the grading scale.

The levels of the reliable and systematic scale used by us are as follows:

basic user: level 1 (A1)

1. Understands basic expressions of a clear and slow speech that are directly connected to the individual’s own life or to the concrete environment around them. The user manages to find simple information from texts. Handles the simplest verbal situations, but communication is slow and very intermittent and the pronunciation is not solid. Manages to write very short texts that have several lingual deficiencies. Knows the most common basic vocabulary and some grammatical structures.

basic user: level 2 (A2)

2- Understands clear and simple speech that deals with familiar, every day subjects. Easily understands short, simple texts and establishes the main key points concerning familiar subjects. Manages simple communication in every day verbal situations, even though the user’s pronunciation is still insufficient. The user is capable of writing condensed, simple texts on daily subject matters, but the text may appear to be scattered. Manages to use simple basic grammar and essential basic vocabulary.

independent user: level 3 (B1)

3- Understands longer speech and the main ideas behind several TV and radio programs if the subject matter is relatively familiar. Comprehends normal texts that do not need specialist knowledge. Speech at a normal speed and more demanding texts may cause difficulties if the duration of speech is long and the subject matter is unfamiliar to the user. Manages the most common practical verbal situations, and the user is able to write simple, coherent text on every day subjects, even though insufficiencies in grammar and vocabulary can occasionally make the comprehension of the user’s language difficult. Manages every day vocabulary and essential structures of basic grammar.

independent user: level 4 (B2)

4- Understands face-to-face speech and discussions on general topics at a normal speed as well as, for example, speech coming from the TV and the radio, but some details may not be understood properly. Fast speech and dialects cause some difficulties. Understands without any problems texts on general topics, even though some textual nuances may remain unclear. Manages less familiar verbal situations quite well. The user is able to write personal as well as semi-formal texts and presenting their thoughts as solid unities. Manages the formal and informal use of language in spoken and written format. The user governs the basic grammar and vocabulary well.

proficient user: level 5 (C1)

5- Understands longer, face-to-face speech at a normal speed as well as, for example, speech coming from the TV and the radio, even though sometimes comprehension requires some effort. Understands texts that are structurally and linguistically complicated as well as the literature of our time. Talks and writes clearly and fluently on different topics, but the use of rare words and complicated sentence structures may present some difficulties. Manages grammar and vocabulary usually well and in a versatile way.

proficient user: level 6 (C2)

6- Understands fluently all types of spoken and written language. The small differences in tone rarely cause any problems. Talks and writes very fluently with different styles suitable for the situation and manages to express even the slightest nuances in tone. The management of grammar and vocabulary is immaculate in almost all different situations and small insufficiencies are rare.

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English Courses

Our teaching method


Our language school’s teaching approach to foreign languages is based on the method of Communicative Language Teaching. The emphasis is on the student’s ability to succeed in different communicative and cultural situations in a foreign language.
The learning is authentic and takes place via real life situations. The main aim is spontaneity and understandability when it comes to using a foreign language.

The popularity of the communicative approach has grown immensely from the sixties and it is the governing approach still today in language teaching. The use of language is understood as a form of comprehensibility and expression. Communicative language teaching aims at communicative competence that has four aspects:

  Grammatical competence i.e. governing the language code.
  Sociolinguistic competence i.e. competence to use language in an appropriate way in a certain situation.
  Discourse competence i.e. the ability to connect and interpret parts of a message while forming unified and sensible entities.
  Strategic competence i.e. the ability to use language and non-language related strategies (euphemisms, literary devices etc.)

The communicative approach also closely contains the method of teaching about the communication between different cultures that emphasize communicative information and skills as well as the student’s personal, social readiness and attitude while supporting the student’s independent learning.

The teachers plan the learning process from the student’s point of view. The teaching plan takes into consideration the student’s language level and learning outcomes. The teacher introduces the available resources to the student and guides the student’s attention and actions in such a way that it helps the student to learn better.

The teacher supports the student in any inconvenient area in such a way that the student will be able to improve beyond their own language level, develop different strategies for challenging situations as well reach the next skill level. The student is given teaching materials that are particularly suitable for them.

The teaching method supports cognitive processing and does not represent a ready-made and solid image of the learned language that is to be learned by memory and is rigid. All teaching materials support communicative use of language and are based on situations outside the classroom.

Teaching that uses functional approach does not neglect different forms of teaching completely as the forms are described in such a way that the student becomes aware of their established use and practices. The form, meaning and usage are all in balance. Our teaching method is open and systematic which the learning process enjoyable and effective.

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BA Simon Elliott

Originally an Englishman from south west London, I moved to Finland in 2005 and am still here. I started teaching English to adults temporarily but quickly found that I actually quite enjoyed it, and so it soon became permanent. I actually love must things Finnish including sauna, ice swimming, juhla Mokka, rye bread, even mämmi but I have to admit to a strong dislike for salmiakki... My favourite Finnishword? Lämpimämpi - it simply sounds awesome.

Lic. Laura Villella

Having a strong formal background in philology and psychology of language it only seemed natural to start teaching languages. Soon I discovered my love for teaching and I really can't see myself doing anything else. I find the energy in the classroom fascinating and the interaction with people is very rewarding. I have been privileged enough to have lived in Argentina, America, England and Scotland. And of course, let's not forget Finland!

FM Victoria Frantseva

I moved to Finland in 2009 from Seattle, Washington, USA. I am a professional teacher and simultaneous translator with many years of experience, and I love my job. I am also a world traveler and thoroughly enjoy other cultures and languages. Finland, its people, language and lifestyle are fascinating to me. My favorite things about Finland are the never-ending summer daylight, the Baltic Sea, the lingonberries and of course Santa Claus!


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The price includes::
  • - planning the training
    - oral interview
    - written test
    - report on level test
    - teaching and its preparation
    - teaching materials
  • - course folders
    - final tests
    - report on learning
    - course certificates
    - planning for further studies
    - teacher’s travel expenses within Helsinki