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How to choose the right language course?

In addition to open language courses, Nuevo Mundo specialises in the design and implementation of customised, customer-specific language courses. We offer customer-specific courses for both companies and individuals. Courses can be taken either in a group, in pairs or privately, when it suits you.


The language you are studying is probably already known to you, even though you might not use it in everyday situations. You need to make sure that studying that language, or languages, really supports your goal - although studying purely for fun is always an option.

In addition, be aware of the possible variation in the target language: in preparation for a trip to Hong Kong, for example, it is likely to be necessary to study Cantonese rather than Mandarin, while many English-speaking countries also differ significantly in pronunciation.

Once you know what language is needed and for what purpose, the next thing to consider when choosing a language course is:

• Who needs the target language? (You as an individual, a particular employee or multiple employees)
• What is the person's current level in the target language?
• In what situations will the target language generally be needed? Do these situations involve special vocabulary or other field-specific language use?
• How much time is available for learning the language, and how often would you be willing to have class?

From our list of open courses, it is possible to find instruction that meets your needs and schedules. However, especially for companies, we recommend customised, customer-specific courses, as their content is designed with your specific needs in mind.


A clear goal should always be set for learning or improving a foreign language. Your goal helps maintain motivation, chart your own progress, and remind you of the purpose of studying.
The goal of a language course can be, for example, one or more of the following:
• Expand your technical vocabulary and use it naturally
• Draft formal texts, e-mails or contracts
• Gain confidence and credibility in negotiations and debates
• Familiarise yourself with the customs and norms of a foreign culture

The objectives of the course are often specified as we get to know a learner and gain a better understanding of his or her current language skills through an entry-level test. However, depending on the customer-specific course, the entry-level test may be deemed unnecessary.


We, at Nuevo Mundo, understand that choosing the right language course does not always come automatically. Many variables need to be considered. It is also important to remember that there are as many forms of teaching as there are clients. That is why we do not require you as our client to know right away exactly what kind of teaching would be best for you.

If necessary, we will take care of your company's language training holistically, so that your staff can focus on the company's core tasks. In this case, we are independently responsible for the entire training process.

So, get in touch and tell us about your situation - we will help you identify your training needs and formulate a realistic goal.


Once we identify the specific language goals for our clients, we suggest either:

Private teaching: this form of teaching is suitable for situations where one person is required to have specific foreign language training. This can be, for example, a business trip or the adaptation of a foreign employee to the Finnish-speaking work environment.

Pair teaching: this is suitable for people who have almost the same entry level and who need training in the same areas. Learning together is fun and enjoyable! In this form of teaching, our methods also diverse, as two types of exercises can be assigned to two learners. Pair education also emphasises interaction skills and the use of one's own strengths to help the other.

Group teaching: this form of teaching covers both small and large groups. The entry level does not have to be completely homogeneous. Before the start of the course, participants take an entry-level test based on which learners are divided into groups of 2 to 10 people. It is also possible to vary topic contents between small groups.
The above forms of teaching are also suitable for intensive courses. These usually last 2 to 10 days, with each day’s training lasting 3 to 8 hours. Intensive courses are particularly suitable for situations where foreign language skills need to be developed quickly for a specific purpose. This can be, for example, a surprise business trip or a presentation produced on a tight schedule.


Our customer-specific language courses are arranged according to our customer's schedule and wishes. Teaching sessions can be kept at a more relaxed or intense pace; however, to maintain a routine, we recommend teaching at least once a week. In general, gradual yet continual practice is the key to growth and as such it is a good idea to study whatever language you are learning at least 15 minutes a day.

We can arrange classes either at Nuevo Mundo's teaching facilities in Arabia (Arabiankatu 12) or at your preferred location. We can be conveniently reached by public transport from many directions.


Whatever your language training needs, we will help you find the right way to learn. Once your goal is clear, learning a foreign language under the guidance of our professional language teachers can begin with peace of mind.

Through the form below, you can contact us to ask questions and inform us of your wishes and concerns. We will be happy to help you in any situation!


We guarantee 100% satisfaction for our first-rate service. If you are not happy with our language teaching services for some particular reason, you can cancel the contract after the first attended lesson.