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Why should you invest in language training?

A large number of Finnish companies need more than one language to operate on an everyday basis. Whether it is managing an international team or expanding into new markets, incorporating a foreign language into everyday life is often a necessary solution.


Good language skills - both in a native and foreign language - mean more than just understanding and producing the language. It is especially important for companies that their employees master negotiation and presentation skills and the understanding of the customs and norms of a foreign culture. Language training tailored to the needs of the company and carried out professionally helps them to develop the right areas of language skills.

The language teaching offered by Nuevo Mundo uses a communicative approach: we primarily emphasize the comprehensibility of the expression and its suitability for different situations. The communicative approach also provides resources for coping with difficult communication situations and understanding the target culture.


Sufficiently high and professional language skills are a prerequisite for the company's international expansion and growth in competitiveness. Clearly when employees lack such language skills customer service becomes more difficult and, in the worst case, this hindrance may prevent partnerships from forming. At an individual level, this can mean a decline in an employee’s career development and opportunities.

On the contrary, good language skills, which include not only knowledge of the language code but also natural self-expression skills, allow the speaker to focus on the communication situation itself when no effort is required to choose right words and form correct sentence structures. Successfully managed communication situations increase a person's self-confidence and communication efficiency, and a lack of sufficient language skills is no longer perceived as a slowdown.

Our rapidly changing society requires constant development not only in the way companies operate but also in the skills of individual employees - often in language skills. Employees are surveyed to appreciate it when their employer also shows that they understand the importance of their professional development. Providing language training increases an employee’s trust and appreciation of the employer and the company, which in turn is reflected in the employee’s work input and the company’s success.


Nuevo Mundo specializes in the design and implementation of customized, customer-specific language courses. We recommend these courses especially for corporate clients, as they are always designed with your company's specific needs in mind. This is also the most flexible form of study: the timetable, place of instruction and course content are negotiable between Nuevo Mundo and our clients.

We offer instructions in ten different languages. Depending on your purpose, the teaching will take place either as an individual, pair or group course, at the Nuevo Mundo teaching facilities in Arabia or at your private location/office. Under the guidance of our professional teachers, language learning starts from the first lesson.

It is also possible to outsource your company's language training to Nuevo Mundo. This leaves you with more resources to focus on your company’s core tasks.
Ask us about our customer-specific language training by phone or through the contact form.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction for our first-rate service. If you are not happy with our language teaching services for some particular reason, you can cancel the contract after the first attended lesson.