We offer high-quality legal interpretation

Language School Nuevo Mundo’s experienced and professional interpreters offer impartial, high-quality legal interpretation for challenging juridical situations. We work seamlessly, for example, with different official parties, legal institutions, the police and immigration officials.

Legal interpretation mostly includes consecutive or simultaneous interpretation. Our trained interpreters follow a strict code of professional and customer confidentiality. Our interpreters are able to take an impartial and neutral role, that demands excellent reaction and communication skills, professional confidentiality and skills to “read” a situation extremely well.

The services offered by our experienced interpreters are an essential part of the process that aims to guarantee the client’s legal rights. That is why it is crucial to use high-quality interpretation services in juridical situations.
Language School Nuevo Mundo’s legal interpreters are highly skillful professionals that fulfil the strict quality criteria set by us. They master the legal terms and special characteristics of their interpretation languages needed in legal situations.

We offer high-class legal interpretation easily and with several years of experience. Contact us today for further information!