We Offer High-Quality and Accurate Community Interpretation!

The importance of community interpretation

We offer professional and high-quality community interpretation with several years of experience. Our interpreters guarantee a smooth interpretation process between the customer and the official authorities. Community interpretation is used especially for interrogations, negotiations or interviews. Our trained interpreters follow a strict code of professional and customer confidentiality. The interpretation topics are varied and we have set extremely high standards for all interpretation services we offer.

Professional on-site interpreting

Professional and accurate on-site interpreting has several advantages that are not always present in telephone interpreting. The experienced and qualified interpreter works on-site which makes it possible for the interpreter to react to visual clues, such as facial expressions and gestures. We offer on-site interpreting also for more challenging situations i.e. for small children, hearing impaired individuals, people with mental illness and legal interpreting (simultaneous interpreting).

We offer high-quality and accurate community interpreting with several years of experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information!