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We Love Animals

In addition to our new course coordinator Kadri, two awesome Italian Greyhounds have joined Kielikoulu Nuevo Mundo lovely team! We would like to present our new office dogs Taylor and Selena!

Taylor and Selena are typical Italian greyhounds: eloquent, smart, very affectionate, smell nice: They have passion for chicken, they love chasing squirrels and sleep under warm blanket (most of the day). Other than simply adding lots of pure joy to our working days here in our office there are many other benefits of having dogs at office, for example:

Dogs guarantee improved working environment. Anyone who has a dog or cat knows that our animals bring all of us together – it’s a way to find common ground with someone. Within a professional setting, pets can help the company culture and unite its team in new ways. Also in teaching languages to children, dogs can have calming and motivating effect.

For example reading dogs are quite widely used in Finland in libraries and schools. Reading to a dog can be a highly rewarding experience for kids in need of reading practice. In our language school we can use dogs for developing children reading skills in foreign language to read out aloud. Dogs will listen contentedly to a child, not caring if the reader makes mistakes or only reads slowly. Kids who read to dogs experience a sense of fulfilment that boosts the children’s self-esteem and encourages them to pick up books in foreign language more readily in future.

Company of dog also lowers our stress levels and that means we are so much more productive here in our office. Having our animals around is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and decrease stress. That means happier, more productive workers and customers!  Pets can provide us with social support and comfort, which may be just what is needed after an intense meeting or language test.

Dogs give us that so much needed exercise. Our Italian greyhound girls keep us moving here in the office. Italian greyhounds are pretty relaxed in general so they are just most of the day napping in their dog bed next to the window or observing with friendly curiosity our office staff doing their work, but in addition to that they need short walks throughout the day and that keeps our staff active and in move. Having dogs at office means we have to care for them throughout the day, which simply mean walks or short play sessions – in other words it makes our staff being more active than usual at the office. And being more active means more energy and new perspectives and new ideas.

To any other office people reading this post and wondering whether to take their pet to work with them, we’d say just give it a try and enjoy the outcome. People who are allowed to bring their pets to work are more likely to enjoy their workplace and, therefore, stay there for a longer period of time. For a business owner, that means business working longer and more effectively. Having doggos at the office is a win-win to everyone.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction for our first-rate service. If you are not happy with our language teaching services for some particular reason, you can cancel the contract after the first attended lesson.