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Work-related language training

Business and professional courses focus on specific language skills such as presentation and negotiation skills, telephone services, written communication along with training in cultural awareness and sensitivities. At Nuevo Mundo, we teach a variety of languages for all of your international communicative needs.

Specific Purpose Language Courses

We also organize courses in the following areas, among others:
• Communication
• Aviation
• Traffic
• Marketing
• Banking and finance
• Energy sector
• Forest and paper industry
• Government
• The European Union and Nordic co-operation
• Foreign trade

Themed course

The themed course focuses on the client's specific language needs. This can be, for example:
-Oral activation of language skills
-Company written communication
-Company visits and company presentations

We tailor the implementation and content of the courses according to the client's wishes!

Distance Learning

Distance learning is suitable for those who want to study independently but under the guidance of an expert, and it is particularly well suited for those who, due to specific schedule restraints, transport connections, illness, or some other limitation, do not have access to face-to-face teaching. The student, together with the teacher, draws up an individual study plan. Studies are diverse and are mostly done as teacher-led distance learning. Our professional teachers utilise textbooks and other written material, radio and audio recordings, television broadcasts, e-mail and e-learning material for all institutional and academic levels. If necessary, the student can also participate in proximate learning and supervised classes.

Suggestopedia teaching

Suggestopedia teaching mostly focuses on activating oral language skills. Many students find suggestopedia courses to be the most comfortable way to learn a new language. Read more!


Language school Nuevo Mundo Oy also handles your company's language training holistically, allowing your staff to focus on the company's core tasks. In this case, we take care of the entire training process from registration to the final reports.

The process includes:
• Practical arrangements for language training
• Monitoring
• Reporting

The client is constantly informed both during and at the end of the training.


English for Real Estate: Financial Administration
English for Real Estate: Meetings and Negotiations


The language school Nuevo Mundo was involved in the Babelnet project. This was a Lingua D / 2 project funded by the European Commission and involved 14 institutions universities and schools.

The aim of the project was to develop teaching materials for distance learning. The languages were Spanish, English and French.

The project lasted three years. The result is an Internet portal where remote users can take advantage of free language learning on the Internet.

The Spanish section, to which Alejandro Jover belonged, had four members. We developed over 150 interactive tasks and games for language learning and created various linguistic resources.
- Spanish department: Español con Carlitos

We guarantee 100% satisfaction for our first-rate service. If you are not happy with our language teaching services for some particular reason, you can cancel the contract after the first attended lesson.